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PVStop Explained - Shut Down Solar Panels in Seconds

PVStop eliminates the risk of high voltage electrocution by acting as a “liquid-tarp” shutting down solar panels in seconds. This non-combustible, non-conductive coating quickly covers panels and stops electricity production. After the fire event, PVStop can be simply peeled off without causing any damage to the solar system.

PVStop Lightbulb Demo

Did you know that solar panels cannot be switched off when exposed to light? In the case of a fire, flood, or storm damage, solar panels continue to produce lethal amounts of DC Voltage, which poses a significant risk for emergency personnel or anyone exposed to the solar system. Watch as PV Stop solves this problem as lightbulbs are used to demonstrate how the application of PV Stop reduces electricity and power, shutting down the system and making it safe. 

PVStop Extinguisher Coverage Demo

PVStop is a water based polymer that forms a block out coating on impact with the solar panel. The extinguisher delivery system has an operating range of over 30 ft. A single 2.5 gallon unit will de-energize any solar system up to 6kw.  

PVStop Fire Retardant Properties

What is one of the many benefits of using PV Stop? After use, there is no mess. Once dry, you can simply peel the latex like substance off of solar panels or it can be left on for up to 12 months. Watch in this video how the dry coating exhibits exceptional resistance to heat and flame, making the solution safe all around.

London Fire Brigade Test 1 of the PVStop Extinguishers

Watch The London Fire Brigade test the PVStop; the only product available that safely de-energizes solar panels in an emergency. http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/news/La…

London Fire Brigade Test 2 of the PVStop Extinguishers

The London Fire Brigade was the first Fire Service in the world to put PVStop into service. PVStop is a black liquid polymer designed to cover solar panels like a liquid tarp in an emergency and peels off afterwards. Solar panels cannot be switched off when exposed to light. Even with isolation switches installed, PV systems continue to produce lethal amounts of DC electricity. PVStop is the only product available that allows fire & emergency personnel and electrical contractors to have a fast, effective, and safe way to isolate PV generated electricity, making solar safe.