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PVStop Distributed by Flashpoint Fire Equipment, Inc.

Flashpoint Founders Ryan and Todd gearing up for an evolution during an international fire dynamics project


Todd is lead instructor and co-owner of AOYS Fire Training Ltd. a fire service training organization dedicated to the mission of reducing firefighter injuries and deaths through the delivery of modern, interactive training programs.  Todd has been a career member and full-time “student” of the fire service for 30 years with a total of more than 36  years of fire service training and response experience. He has degrees in fire science, fire service administration and adult education.  Todd currently serves as Platoon Chief with Strathcona County Emergency Services, a 250  member department in Alberta, Canada.

Todd and Ryan have crossed paths on committees and have co-taught at fire conferences over the years. Presently both serve on NFPA 1700, the guide for structural fire-fighting and have been tasked with writing a guide to improve strategy, tactics, and tasks as supported by science-based research. Through their common belief that continued learning and studies are indispensable for advancing firefighter and civilian safety on a daily basis, they founded Flashpoint, an equipment company that aims to bridge the gap between evidence-based research and practical application for the everyday firefighter.

Flashpoint’s first product offering is PVStop, a fire retardant solution that acts as a liquid blanket to make solar panels safe. In the event of a short circuit or an emergency (such as a fire or flood) solar panels continue to produce potentially lethal amounts of DC voltage.

PVStop allows users to cover the panels in a matter of seconds, blocking light, and de-energizing the PV cells upon contact, allowing for a safe shut-off. Once the solution has been used, PVStop can be peeled off the solar panel by hand, and easily disposed of.

PVStop was created in Australia, by Luke Williams a Clean Energy Council accredited renewable energy system designer at LJW Solar. He has worked in the solar industry since the early eighties, designing and installing solar photovoltaic and wind energy systems for a variety of domestic and commercial clients. Through his work Luke became increasingly concerned about solar panel risks and associated PV hazards which is what inspired the invention of patented PVStop, the only product available in the world that deactivates a solar PV system. Flashpoint also recognized the increasing trend of solar panel risks as green energy becomes ever more popular worldwide with no quick or easy means for firefighter or emergency response. For this reason they are proud to introduce PVStop as a necessary safety alternative to North America and other countries where solar energy use is rising every day.

PVStop switches off solar panels in seconds, it is an essential solar PV safety solution