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Extinguish fire and stop electricity production
Shut Down Solar Panels
Disable a solar PV array safely in seconds.
Quick, Portable Spray
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Empower firefighters and homeowners to prevent PV hazards.
Fire Retardant Solution

PVStop switches off solar panels in seconds, it is an essential solar PV safety solution

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For Emergency Services

Shut Down Solar Panels and protect firefighters from the hazards of lethal DC voltage. PVStop is an essential solar PV safety solution.

For Electrical Contractors

For Electrical Contractors

Use a portable non-combustible liquid blanket that drops solar panel DC voltage to zero. Improve OH&S today.

For Solar Panel Owners

Solar panels cannot be turned off when in direct sunlight. Render the array electrically safe during fires, floods and other emergencies with PVStop.

PVStop – Making Solar Energy Safe

Flashpoint Fire Equipment offers a solar PV safety solution for emergency personnel, solar installation personnel and solar panel owners to ensure that an array can be made safe with PVStop—an environmentally friendly spray that is easy to apply and remove and can be used in all weather conditions.

PVStop is the only way to switch off solar panels at the source, making solar energy safe. Why would anyone want to switch off solar panels? Please watch our short video to find out! Please like and share our video to help us spread awareness within the community.

Did you know that solar panels cannot be turned off when exposed to light? Why is this bad? Solar Panels can generate potentially lethal DC voltage which can threaten the lives of firefighters, emergency personnel and PV owners during fire, flood and electrical events.

This is a serious safety concern that affects the global industry. At Flashpoint we currently offer the only reliable and safe method of shutting panels down in the form of a sprayable liquid fire blanket: PVStop.

PVStop covers a range of solutions from system failure and maintenance to hazard containment and fire risks. Once applied, the coating can be peeled off with ease up to 12 months after application.

Flashpoint can answer your frequently asked questions and provide more technical details on PVStop.

  • Eliminates the risk of DC electrocution
  • Non-combustible & fire retardant
  • Non-conductive & anti-arcing
  • Effective in all weather conditions
  • Delivery range of over 30 ft
  • Easy to apply, peel off later
  • Dispose in general waste

For more information on using PVStop to shut down solar panels in an emergency, or for pricing information give us a call at 1-800-385-7615 to Get in touch with us today.